History of Societe Naturelle

Not satisfied with the quality of Honey presented on the Indian shelves, Dr. Rajinder Singh entered into the beekeeping industry himself and changed the belief that there is only one-way …

Our Testimonial

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  • “We have been consuming Societé Naturelle products including honey, soaps and candles for almost three years now with complete satisfaction. The natural, organic ingredients make these products fantastic, the pricing is competitive, and the quality of the products is outclassed by the service the company provides. The products make excellent gifts as well, I will highly recommend their products..”

    Sandeep Munjal
  • Societe Naturelle .. has changed my taste buds forever … was never a honey lover but after a table spoon of societe Naturelle honey daily with my breakfast it has made it to my list of YUMMY and Nututious must haves ! Try it for yourselves and see ?

    Sukriti Talwar
  • Congratulations on your success “Preet Singh” the founder of Societe Naturelle!For introducing products for our lives which are close to the nature which is much needed in today’s Society.Your Raw Honey is the best!! We have tried many products from the shelves but your’s is best in texture and taste. A spoon a day keeps your hearty and strong.

    Gagan Arora
  • “Tried many brands of honey, Societe Naturelle’s products Stand out like no other, the gluten free peanut butter is just yum!”

    Sahaj Arora
  • “Hey society naturelle, I just want to let you know that your honey quality is such an unbelievable”

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Our Organic Products

Here is the category of honey product in which we are dealing.

  • Honey
  • Peanut Butter
  • Pollen
  • Soaps

Raw Honey


Societe Naturelle’s Raw Honey is unfiltered, unprocessed, and is straight from the beehive. This by far is the healthiest choice of Honey. it has an array of health benefits too …

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Societe Naturelle’s Mustard Honey can be used as a sweetener to replace sugar in desserts, drinks, and baking. This hone has a popular relationship with milk products such as yogurt …

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Lychee Honey


Societe Naturelle’s Lychee Honey is harvested very carefully in a controlled environment. Lychee Honey is great for children as it boosts the immune system. Mild and sweet flavor and is …

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Jamun Honey


Societe Naturelle’s Jamun Honey is extracted directly from the Jamun flower. Jamun Honey is great when it comes to curing a cold and controlling diabetes. Jamun honey has a mild and sweet …

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Forest Honey


Societe Naturelle’s Forest Honey, is great for weight loss and to keep diabetes in check. Societe Naturelle’s Honey is completely organic and is cold filtered which helps in retaining all …

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Eucalyptus honey


Besides Societe Naturelle’s Eucalyptus Honey’s very distinct taste and aroma, it has a host of health benefits like anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, decongestant, deodorant, antiseptic, antibacterial, and stimulating. Besides being a good natural remedy for respiratory problems, Eucalyptus honey is …

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Breakfast starter pack

199.00 1.00

Societe Naturelle’s Breakfast Starter pack consists of 4 different types of honey giving you a flavor of what the different types of honey are. four 50ml miniature honey jars packed  …

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Acacia Honey


Acacia Honey is one of worlds’ best honey, pale golden color & mild flavor, delicious alone. Acacia honey is known for its therapeutic effects such as cleansing the liver, regulating …

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