History of Societe Naturelle

Not satisfied with the quality of Honey presented on the Indian shelves, Dr. Rajinder Singh entered into the beekeeping industry himself and changed the belief that there is only one way honey could taste and look!

Being the first to offer Raw Honey to the market which was featured and appreciated by TimeOut Delhi as one of the top organic products in 2012. We trade in multiple varieties of Honey and in process to lead the way further with many more exciting products.

With a vision to do our bit to give back to nature; and lack of alternative foods, Dr. Singh has been a firm believer in Natural (organic) foods for over 3 decades. Starting out with a small self-sustaining farm which grew vegetables and fruits in the lawns of his ancestral property on the outskirts of Delhi- soon he decided to take his passion and love for nature one step further, In 2002, Dr. Singh setup his own vermi-composting unit by using earth worms and dung obtained from dairy animals from the adjoining villages. The use of vermi compost has completely put a halt to the utilization of synthetic fertilizers, antibiotics or any other pesticides.

Knowing that bees play a essential role as pollinators in increasing productivity, a powerful idea began to take shape: what if farmers were trained to add bee boxes on farms to facilitate cross-pollination AND provided markets to sell the honey collected? As some of you may already be aware. Bees are crucial for human survival and if bees cease to exist, our existence is limited to not more than 5 years!

Dr. Singh and his team now educates beekeepers about how to manage their bees and provides natural organic solutions to them to fight infections, mites and other issues faced by beekeepers. He also rewards them by buying their honey at fair prices above the going market rate which encourages and makes them share information with other beekeepers in the area on how to manage their bees and retrieve maximum value for their natural produce creating a mutual and positive ecosystem.

If you feel we are heading a right path. Help us make a difference and support beekeepers aspire to a better standard of living while providing us with a range healthier products. Please feel free to share your feedback/ comments on contact@dancing-bees.com


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