We are Online Market of organic fruits, vegetables, juices and dried fruits. Visit site for a complete list of exclusive we are stocking.

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We bring you only the best Straight from the Honeycombo Our Honey is 100% organic with no preservatives and retains its natural properties, as our honey is cold filtered and is not processed at high temperatures. SHOP NOW 01 Bee Pollen Super Food a food that is full of nutrition shop now 02

Your Very Own Organic Store

Societe Naturelle is your neighborhood online store for your favourite organic products; from farm to your home.

Who we are?
Societé Naturelle offers a range of Natural, Organic products; free of Antibiotics, Pesticides or preservatives.
What we do?
We are the first Indian company to offer Raw honey, honey which is not processed, filtered and is straight from the honeycomb into the bottle.Our product portfolio ranges from organic honey, bee pollen, peanut butter and handmade soaps.
Why we do?
Promise and Trust – we work every moment to uphold this philosophy for our Customers, stakeholders and surpassing their expectations.
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Coconut Bee Pollen

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Bee Pollen - Coconut
Natural Bee Pollen extracted from organic coconut plantations

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-How to get delivered-
Step 01:
Direct from FARMERS
Step 02:
Direct to Our Warehouse
Step 03:
Cold Filtered and Bottled
Step 04:
Direct to your KITCHEN
Sandeep Munjal Testimonial

Impeccable Quality!

“We have been consuming Societé Naturelle products including honey, soaps and candles for almost three years now with complete satisfaction. The natural, organic ingredients make these products fantastic, the pricing is competitive, and the quality of the products is outclassed by the service the company provides. The products make excellent gifts as well, I will highly recommend their products..”
Sandeep Munjal Director Vedatya Institute
Sukriti Talwar Testimonial

A Must Try!

"Societe Naturelle.. has changed my taste buds forever ... was never a honey lover but after a tablespoon of Societe Naturelle honey daily with my breakfast it has made it to my list of YUMMY and Nutritious must haves! Try it for yourselves and see!"
Sukriti Talwar Founder Suku Suku
Gagan Arora Testimonial

Best Honey that one can buy!

"Congratulations on your success “Preet Singh” the founder of Societe Naturelle! For introducing products for our lives which are close to the nature which is much needed in today’s Society. Your Raw Honey is the best!! We have tried many products from the shelves but your’s is best in texture and taste. A spoon a day keeps your hearty and strong."
Gagan Arora Founder Kosmic Fitness
Sehaj Arora Testimonial

Outstanding stuff!

"Tried many brands of honey, Societe Naturelle's products Stand out like no other, the gluten-free peanut butter is just yum!"
Sahaj Arora Owner, Viakations travel experiences
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