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Societe Naturelle offers a range of Natural – Organic products from nature’s nest; free of Antibiotics & harmful chemicals & Pesticides. We are manufactures / producers of our products & believe in regular self – audits to do better for society and the eco-system. Our limited but conciously selected portfolio of products consists of a range of Honey & Honey Bee by-products such as Bee Pollen, Propolis & Royal Jelly; responsibly sourced from different parts of flora within our very own diverse India.

The building blocks of our organization – Promise & Trust are based upon & interrelated to our customer; we work every moment to uphold the former; while the latter is upheld by our Customers, their support & our endeavour to work towards exceeding our stakeholder’s expectations.

Our company was established in 2006 germinating from exports to Singapore. Over the last 14 years, our focus has extended and we deeply desire to give back to the land where we source our products and whose customers desire our presence in their kitchens. We are now located in selected Organic & Natural stores across our motherland. With such a welcoming response & acceptability by our consumers, our desire is to expand & locate ourselves in more areas – a move eagerly anticipated by our customers.

We are the first Indian company to offer Raw honey to our customers – honey which is not processed, filtered and is straight from the honeycomb into the bottle – which also happens to be our best seller! These Honeys are from different parts of Indian flora with a distinct taste, colour and properties.


Societe Naturelle is a name that is synonymous with organic products. Honeybees play a vital role in our ecosystem and hence, we are working with honeybees to provide you with organic health and nourishment. We offer a wide range of nature-driven products that aid your health and have various other benefits. Our ideology is to cater our consumers with natural and organically sourced products following the traditional techniques.


It is essential to incorporate organic and healthy foods derived from nature in your diet.


Completely organic and natural products without any artificial preservatives, flavours or colours.


All our honey products are procured from our own farms following subsistence agriculture.


We use sustainable packaging for all
our products reducing the environmental impact and ecological footprints


Our trusted shipping partners ensure that the product reaches you on time without its quality being hampered.


Completely organic and natural products without any artificial preservatives, flavours or colours



Direct from Farms

Self Owned & Single Origin

Not Heated

Cold Filtered and Bottled

Glass Jar Packing

High Quality & Sustainable

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