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Peanut Butter Oil
Don’t Fret When Your See Some Peanut Oil!

It is often found that when we open a jar of peanut butter, there’s a layer of oil on top. Our natural instinct is to pour out the oil thinking that it would be bad for us. This probes the question, whether you should, or you shouldn’t. The answer to that is, absolutely not! The…

Peanut Butter BB
Peanut Butter & Body Building

Body Building as a very intense sport. From rigorous exercise, eating healthy and clean and giving your muscles enough rest for them to repair and grow. Body Building entails a lot of eating and by that, it doesn’t mean eat whatever you get. It rather means eat what your muscles need. Peanut Butter is one…

Honey Expire
Does Organic Honey Ever Expire

Honey, one of nature’s many gifts to us. It is no surprise that Honey is one of the best products available with tons of health benefits. We all are aware of the fact that honey is used to treat several ailments and is consumed daily to ensure good health and wellbeing. That being said, a…