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Honey Expire

Does Organic Honey Ever Expire

Honey, one of nature’s many gifts to us. It is no surprise that Honey is one of the best products available with tons of health benefits. We all are aware of the fact that honey is used to treat several ailments and is consumed daily to ensure good health and wellbeing. That being said, a lot of us consume honey mostly in the winters, and then again put it on the shelves of our kitchen to bring it out the next winters. This brings rise to a very common question frequently asked, “would the honey still be fine and fit for consumption?” there’s a very simple one-word answer to this “YES!”

Natural & Organic Honey has no expiry date. Now you would wonder why the label on the last honey jar you bought mentions a best before date. This is done to comply with regulations and norms. However, pure and organic honey can be kept on the shelves for decades, without it going bad. Although, one must be careful when it comes to the storing of honey. it has to be kept properly in an airtight container and preferably in a glass jar. Storing honey in a plastic jar for long isn’t advisable as plastic emits harmful chemicals into the food product due to several reasons, one of them being a change in temperature.

There was an article published on the excavation of honey in the Pyramids of Egypt dating back to 3,000 years before now.

To conclude this, there is no expiry date for honey. It is fit for consumption even after years of it being stored on a shelf. However, if not stored properly and if it comes in contact with moisture and air, the honey can go bad. So, store it well in an airtight container, keep it away from direct sunlight, and consume it as and when you please without worrying about it expiring!

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