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Peanut Butter Oil

Don’t Fret When Your See Some Peanut Oil!

It is often found that when we open a jar of peanut butter, there’s a layer of oil on top. Our natural instinct is to pour out the oil thinking that it would be bad for us. This probes the question, whether you should, or you shouldn’t. The answer to that is, absolutely not!

The layer of oil that you see in the jar is actually good for you. This oil is naturally released during the process of grinding peanuts. Any organic or natural peanut butter that you find would have this layer of oil, so worry not.

The thing to worry about is when you don’t see that layer of oil on top. Quite the irony isn’t it?! The reason for this is that the peanut butter without the layer of oil has added oils or an artificial additive and is a sign that the peanut butter you have on your shelf is not organic/natural.

Now, we hope that this has kind of helped you understand that the oil layer on top of the peanut butter is good for you. However, understandably you would want to fix this so that the next scoop of peanut butter you take is consistent in texture. You can fix this quite simply. Either, you could stir the oil into the peanut butter, or you could just keep the jar upside down for a while before every use. This would help the oil to seep down into the peanut butter.

Next time you see a layer of oil in your peanut butter jar, don’t fret. Just follow the two simple steps! You’re welcome 😉

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