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Super Saver Organic Bee Pollen Granules Coconut 125 gms + Organic Lychee Honey


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Societe Naturelle’s Bee pollen coconut 125gm with your choice of Lychee Honey either 500gm or 1000gm

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Weight 900 g

500 gm, 1000 gm


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Societe Naturelle Bee Pollen – Coconut

  • SUPERFOOD: Societe Naturelle Unprocessed Bee Pollen is a certified organic natural antioxidant, super-food which is rich in protein and boosts immunity. It contains all nutrients for optimal health.
  • POLLEN SIGNIFICANCE: Pollen is the fertilizing dust found in flowers. Bees gather pollen from flowers and bring it back to their hives to use as a food source. Without pollen, plants, trees and flowers could not exist; even we depend on it.
  • SOURCED ORGANICALLY: Bee Pollen is taken without harming the honeybees or disturbing their routine. It is one of nature’s unique and most powerful superfoods. Bee Pollen is readily digestible and easily absorbed by the human body.
  • BEE POLLEN BENEFITS: Bee Pollen is a natural health medicine and has various health benefits as it works as an antioxidant, boosts liver health, strengthens immune system and works as a dietary supplement.
  • USAGE: You can add bee pollens to infuse health into smoothies, cereals, yogurts, or any of your favorite everyday foods or as suggested. Do not consume if you suffer from pollen allergy. Soak in water for 30 minutes before consuming to maximize the benefits and absorption by the body. Dosage: Adults- 1 tablespoon daily and Children (below 12 years)- 1/2 tablespoon daily. Consult your physician incase of any discomfort after consumption.
Societe Naturelle