Societe Naturelle – Forest Organic Honey / Aids Weight Management / NMR Tested Approved Honey / Pure Raw Unpasteurized Unprocessed Not Heated / Glass Jar


  • WEIGHT-LOSS MANAGEMENT: Societe Naturelle Forest Honey has high medicinal values and is widely used for weight loss management, blood purification, glowing skin and cough and cold. It is a natural energy source that boosts immunity.
  • FOREST HONEYDEWS: These honeydews are collected from wild forest flowers and have various health benefits as they have the disease-fighting antioxidant capacity and is recommended in cases of anemia.
  • HONEYLICIOUS HEALTH: Honeybees collect nectar from flowers and produce honey. It is highly nutritious and laden with numerous medicinal properties and is enriched with all naturally occurring antioxidants, pollen, enzymes, vitamins, and natural minerals. 
  • FOREST HONEY: Taste a spoonful of this finger-licking honey which brings an aroma of pristine forests and refreshes your soul. It promotes digestive health and strengthens the immune system. It can also be applied on your skin for multiple beauty and skincare treatments, it is recommended for diabetic patients.
  •  DOSAGE: Honey is a dietary and health supplement for children, old and young people alike. Societe Naturelle Honey is a certified organic product, free from any artificial sweeteners or pesticides, antibiotics or chemicals. Adults – 2 tablespoons daily and Children (below 12 years) – 1 tablespoon daily. Not recommended for infants below 12 months of age.
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🐝 About Societe Naturelle – Societe Naturelle a name that is synonymous with organic products. Our aim is to help society and the ecosystem. this is one of the reasons for which, we at Societe Naturelle work with Honey Bees as they are an integral part of our Ecosystem. Societé Naturelle offers a range of Natural, Organic products; free of Antibiotics, Pesticides or preservatives. We are the first Indian company to offer Raw honey, honey which is not processed, filtered and is straight from the honeycomb into the bottle. Our product portfolio ranges from organic honey, bee pollen, peanut butter and handmade soaps. Promise and Trust – we work every moment to uphold this philosophy for our Customers, stakeholders and surpassing their expectations. All our products are “Certified Organic by PGS+ FSSAI” which other brands are not.

🍯 100% Organic It is become increasingly important to consume organic, healthy & natural foods and we recognize that.

🍯 No Preservatives Our products are completely natural without any artificial preservatives flavours or colors, bringing nature into your homes.

🍯 Hygiene first All our honey farmers ensure that they wear proper gear and work extremely diligently and ensure proper hygiene.

🍯 Health First All our products are directly from farmers with multiple quality checks. We aim to help you invite health into your kitchen.

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9 reviews for Societe Naturelle – Forest Organic Honey / Aids Weight Management / NMR Tested Approved Honey / Pure Raw Unpasteurized Unprocessed Not Heated / Glass Jar

  1. Rajdip (verified owner)

    Packaging was excellent and worthful to protect the glass jar of honey..The quality of Forest honey is superb, mindblowing & easily much more better than any company like Dabur, Patanjali available in Indian Market.. it is fssai certified Wild pure honey with 14% sugar content & It is also beneficial for Diabetic patients and we can also maintain our weight….that is The premium qualities of Pure Honey. .Thanks Societe Naturelle…for this product.

  2. ansu Joshi (verified owner)

    Just Finished the Whole Bottle, loves the Honey. It tastes good And Pure. The best part is that it comes in a 1 kg bulk pack. I was sick and tired of buying 250 gms packs. The Glass bottle is of very Good Quality and can be recycled to be used in Kitchen or to plant small shrubs. Not like other brands who sell in plastic bottles. The honey leaves a very floral taste afterwards unlike the commercial honey of Dabur or Patanjali. I would definitely recommend this honey to everyone. Do try it once I am waiting for other flavors of honey …

  3. Shiva Das (verified owner)

    I have been using Societe Naturelle Honey for three years now and I find the quality to be awesome. I find the taste really good, particularly the forest honey, and it does not change even if you store it for a couple of years; it just tastes the same as it did when you bought it! The best part is it is cold filtered, organic, no preservatives, and free of antibiotics. Actually I started looking out for honey with no antibiotics after reading in the news how almost all the well known brands from India and even Australia and Switzerland had antibiotics in honey. I researched a lot and then settled on Societe Naturelle. They are doing a great job. It comes in leak-proof glass bottles and metal cap and I just love the the 340 gm bottle with the hexagonal antique design. I must also add

  4. Shopper (verified owner)

    The best honey i have used till date. The moment i tasted it first time, it brought back so many childhood memories when local sellers would sell pure and fresh honey. It tasted exactly the same. I hope the company maintains the same quality in future.

  5. ATL (verified owner)

    This honey has a rich and flavourful taste, it brought back memories from my childhood, I had liked raw honey from Societe Naturelle but this one is better to taste.

  6. Manoj Shah (verified owner)

    Really nice product. High quality and costwise not much expensive.

  7. J S Jassal (verified owner)

    The quality is pure and the delivery is prompt.

  8. dK (verified owner)

    Liked the honey, was pure and got hard after a season

  9. Asfia Rais (verified owner)

    Its a good product…..looks and tastes like honey (pure honey).

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Societe Naturelle – Forest Organic Honey / Aids Weight Management / NMR Tested Approved Honey / Pure Raw Unpasteurized Unprocessed Not Heated / Glass Jar
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