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Refill your Societe Naturelle's Empty Jar

Societe Naturelle has always emphasized on the use of food grade Glass Jars as they are eco-friendly. Food stored in Glass Jars are much safer for consumption than those stored in Plastic containers. Glass Jars can be reused over and over again!

Societe Naturelle offers its customers the option to refill their empty glass jars with Societe Naturelle product and avail an additional 5% Discount!

Offer valid in Delhi NCR Only*

Benefits of Using Glass Jars

We at Societé Naturelle believe in preserving the environment hence we use glass jars as they can be reused and recycled without it affecting the environment adversely.
Glass jars can be reused for years to come, without it depleting in quality. it can be refilled over and over again
Glass Jar
Foods stored in glass jars remain healthy as opposed to plastic containers as there are no harmful chemicals being emitted in the foods
Foods that are stored in glass jars remain fresh as there are no harmful chemicals that get emitted in the foods due to temperature changes or logistics.

Get Your Jar Refilled Now!